Logistics services

Neximus Marine Services can provide you with complete logistics solutions that can help empower your business by giving you access to an extensive global network.

Air / Sea / Road delivery

Safe delivery of your order to your desired destination at a lower cost via our selected list of worldwide delivery partners.

Third-party transportation

We pick up your order directly from your supplier in South Korea for further delivery to your desired destination. We can also collect orders from third countries, and when your vessel pass by the nearest port, we deliver them safely onboard via our local agents.

Storage solutions

With the power of an integrated warehousing solution along with our Logistics Services, Neximus has the full ability to receive intricately, control, and handle stock across single and multiple warehouses.

Packing & Crating

Our comprehensive in-house crating and packing services save your time and money by packing and storing your order in a centralised location.

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