Worldwide spare parts suppliers

We reduce the cost of your fleet’s maintenance,

by providing high-quality spare parts at a great price. We leverage our powerful technical foundation to significantly reduce friction between buyers and sellers and deliver parts around the world on time.

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Our partnerships network,

of the biggest part makers in Asia and Europe enables us to service any spare parts needs that arise in your fleet.

Man B&W Yanmar Shink Ind. and more

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The reasons to choose Neximus

1 / Experience meets cutting-edge technology

Our team combines deep industry experience and expertise with the latest supply-chain management technology to process any enquiry you and your fleet may have.

2 / Lowest prices on the market

Our flexible and technology focused approach reduce costs and improve delivery times significantly, allowing us to provide some of the lowest prices on the market.

3 / Reliable and responsive 24/7

Our transparent operating model and customer-facing resources give you control of the delivery status from start to finish. At the same time, our highly-trained and industry-experienced staff is always available to provide support for any issue that might arise.

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